In this series I am using GPT-3 to generate texts based on a prompt that I provide. The bold text is the prompt, the rest is generated by GPT-3. I have formatted the text somewhat here on Medium. Read the first post here.

AI replacing jobs

In this blog post, I will discuss in 500 words or less, the jobs that I think will be replaced by automation and AI in the near future.

I will discuss what I think the job is, what the work entails, how long I think it will take for AI to replace the jobs, and why I…

Maybe I’m writing this. Maybe I’m not. Maybe GPT-3 is generating this based on my input.

For the next 4 weeks, I will publish one post per week which is largely or completely generated by OpenAI’s GPT-3, the Artificial Narrow Intelligence API.

This week, let’s talk about the future of AI.

AI has become a hot topic over the past few years with machine learning and deep learning algorithms helping companies make progress in their business. Neural networks are revolutionizing many aspects of our lives. But what’s next?

Some people think that AI is going to go on an exponential…

Mountainous road
Mountainous road
Releasing into the wild is actually just the beginning of the journey

This is a continuation of the journey of building a money-saving product.

It’s been an interesting few months. I’ve learned quite a bit and am one legal entity richer today than when I started this series of posts.

In my early twenties, I ran a web development company. Back then I was always surprised by how much *actual* work one had to do to get anything done. It was like every task was a Hydra’s head, chop it off and you’d get three more.

Some things never change.

Getting a software product to market is a fairly simple exercise fundamentally…

This is a continuation of the journey of the money-saving product I have the ambition to build.

UPDATE: I have a scheduled phone call with InnovationHub, seems like they want to evaluate my specific situation. Exciting!

After some research I’ve found the Dutch (at least) definition of what constitutes an Account Information Service.

What is an account information service?Answer:An account information service is an online service for providing consolidated information on one or more payment accounts held by a payment service user with one or more other payment service providers.Explanation
Providing consolidated online information to payment service users…

Please show some sympathy to all the professionals who had to learn all of the PSD2-acronyms. Imagine going to work one day and suddenly all you heard was ASPSP, AISP, PSP, PSU, AIS, TPP

This is the next journal entry on the journey of creating a money-saving product.

With the PSD2 regulation in full force in the Netherlands my understanding is that Account Information Services Providers need to be either registered or licensed with the Dutch Central Bank before being allowed to provide AIS (Account Information Services).

Now, why is this relevant to a lone cowboy building a simple Google Spreadsheets Add-on?

Well, there’s a risk that the service provided by the Add-On might fall under what is seen as providing AIS at which point it might be mandatory to apply to become an…

Publish all the money trees!!

It started out as a way for me to be more lazy about my finances and at the same time save money and have a plan in place.

This is the method I use and I was happily surprised with the positive attention it got. Some people reached out and asked how to do the integration part between Bunq and Spreadsheets to which I could only reply.. you build it yourself. What I created was highly specific and tightly integrated into my own Spreadsheet and not easy to share in a straight-forward way.

So I have decided to change that…

Great time to join the Fintech hysteria

I use Bunq — it’s a Dutch bank showcasing themselves to be the “bank of the free”. They are available in a number of European countries.

They started exposing an API to interact with their banking engine some time ago. To list transactions, post payments etc. It’s pretty progressive, and they started doing this long before most banks came out with their Open Banking strategies (which of course came to be thanks to PSD2 — thanks Brussels!)

I’ve always wanted to have an overview of my finances and my spending but as a developer-has-been I’m also way too lazy to…

Auth0 is a great solution for Identity and Access Management and is extremely easy to use as Identity Provider with Kony.

Their pricing offers a free tier, which covers more than enough for prototype or proof-of-concept work.

7000 users?? #abundance thinking indeed

Setting it up takes less than half an hour if you know what you need to do, and I’ll walk through the steps somewhat high-level below.

Configuring Auth0

Sign up with the Free plan with Auth0.

They have a great onboarding tutorial and I suggest you go through it to understand Auth0 as a service.

For this example we’ll set up a machine-to-machine Auth0 Application.

The essence of getting control over your sleep is realising that you’re already in control. You have the power to give yourself a good night’s sleep. You might not see it, but we’ll cover enough aspects during this guide to make you confident that you know which direction to head.

Let me preface by making it clear that I’m no medical professional. I’m simply a person who suffered from insomnia during about 20 years before having amassed enough relevant knowledge and experience to be able to fix it. …

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